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I'm a solo artist from the UK and I sing and play guitar. If you're a fan of Oasis, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, or James Blunt, then I think you'll really enjoy my music. But don't just take my word for it, have a listen for yourself! 

This site is your one-stop-shop for all things me, from my latest gig dates on Lemonrock to links to my Amazon affiliates. And hey, speaking of Amazon, did you know that by clicking on one of my links and making a purchase within 24 hours, you'll be supporting me in a small way at no extra cost to you? It's true! So go ahead and treat yourself to that thing you've had your eye on - and know that you're helping me out in the process. 

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Hello Lovely People!

Ever pondered how your music choices impact us artists? Let's delve into this a bit. I want to share with you the real impact of streaming versus downloading for independent artists like me.

The Hard Truth About Streaming 

Streaming platforms, they're brilliant, aren't they? But here's the kicker for artists: the returns are minuscule. To earn a modest £1,000, a song needs about a million streams. That's a tough nut to crack for independent artists without big label support.

Why Your Download Matters 

When you download a track directly from an artist's website, you're doing something amazing. You're directly supporting the artist, no middlemen involved. This means more resources for us to keep creating the music you love.

'How To Say?' - More Than Just a Song 

My latest track, 'How To Say?', is a piece of my heart set to music. By downloading it from my website, you're making a real difference. You're not just buying a song; you're joining me on my musical journey, helping me to keep crafting tunes that strike a chord.

A Simple Choice, A Big Impact 

Choosing to download 'How To Say?' from my website www.aaronnorton.co.uk is a powerful step. It shows you value the art and the graft behind every note. It's a move towards a world where artists like me get a fair shake for our creativity and hard work.

Be Part of the Change 

Join me in a movement that values and supports independent music. Your choice to download 'How To Say?' is a step towards a more artist-friendly music industry. Together, we can make music that truly matters.

Massive thanks for your support. Here's to more heartfelt, genuine music!

🎶 Grab your copy of 'How To Say?' now and be part of this musical revolution. 🎶

Cheers, Aaron  🎸🌟

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