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Hello and thank you for visiting my subscription page.


I'd just like to start by saying thank you for even considering signing up to my subscription.

As you guys know it's been a bit of a rough ride for musicians recently but I am doing my very best, and actually I refuse to let everything that's going on right now stop me from being a musician... it's all I've ever known and all I've ever wanted to be!

Over the last 14 years I've been doing lots of pub gigs, weddings and birthdays and a bit of busking here and there and trying to release content on the internet; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the gigs going on as well, that's often really difficult to do so I'm trying to make the most of the time right now and really the subscription is a way of me finding another avenue to be able to support my music career so I can produce the best content for you guys all the time which you can take everywhere with you on your mobile phone.

The tiers on my subscription are all identical. I was battling for a long time to work out what would be the best way of providing different content for different people and I know that on a lot of services that's what people do. They provide just a few bits and pieces for lower tiers and the maximum amount (of content) for the higher tiers. I've decided not to do that. You know I'm really thankful that you guys are supporting my career and showing your support with your hard earned cash... that really does, it means everything to me and I don't feel like I want someone who is in less of a position to pay a larger amount to miss out on anything. So everything that someone paying £2 a month gets, the person that pays £20 will get just the same. So whatever position you're in, whatever you feel comfortable paying is absolutely fine by me and I appreciate it so much.

Just enjoy what's inside and I will keep creating content as much as I can just to entertain you guys and keep you happy.

Let me know if there's anything else you might like to see on the subscription service... maybe there's something that I'm missing that you guys would really like and also make sure you send you requests in, any requests that get made will get put on the subscription service first and it could be quite a long time before those releases are out on YouTube and stuff so you really will get exclusive access to those things.

Anyway, thank you again, I appreciate your support and I'll see you on the inside.