Have you written a song that you'd like to record? 

Have the space to record but don't have the equipment?

Or maybe you want to surprise a loved one by giving them a copy of yourself singing their favourite song? 

Over the years I've accumulated some great experience and equipment in order to record and produce my own music and as I'm always on the move I have made it possible to record anywhere. With that in mind I provide a service that artists, or 'average Joe's' can use to record an Album, Demo or simply a keepsake. I specialise in recording guitar and vocals but have the capacity of much more and canals help to create the music behind the vocals if so desired.

So if you're looking to record something magical from the comfort of your own home and are interested in finding out more then please get in touch and outline your plans and we can start to organise a session... or two. Take the time to look at the equipment I use below as well...

Logic Pro X 

All the power you need in production. All the creativity you want in music. Logic Pro X (10.0.0) includes a new, single-window customizable interface as well as new features. New tools in this release are Drummer, a virtual session player that automatically plays along with your song in a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques, and Flex Pitch, a Flex Time equivalent for pitch editing in audio recordings.







Nuemann TLM 103

The extremely quiet self-noise of the TLM 103 is regarded a milestone until today. In technical terms: a noise level of just 7 dB(A). In other words: the TLM 103 is so low noise that even the faintest nuances become audible. Thus, it is perfectly suited for vocals and audio drama productions in high definition as well as for demanding samples production and instrumental recordings.  The TLM 103 is equipped with a very broad presence boost in the area of 6 to 15 kilohertz which helps the voice to cut through the mix. The TLM 103 offers everything demanding users could wish for: nuanced vocals with precise reproduction of sibilants and excellent speech intelligibility. The sound character of the TLM 103 cannot deny its origin: Its role model in the development process was the U 87, which is regarded the reference microphone in studios around the globe. After almost two decades, the TLM 103 has become a modern classic itself which sets new standards with its characteristic presence and its extremely low self-noise. The TLM series works with a transformerless output stage. This means: a clean and direct sound, very “close” to the acoustic source, and a powerful bass transmission all the way down to the lowest frequencies. Its transformerless output stage also makes the microphone resistant to electromagnetic fields and minimizes transmission losses.




Shure Beta 87A 

Because of its high precision and detail and its natural vocal reproduction, the Beta 87 is the first choice among artists and professional sound engineers around the world.  The uniform cardioid characteristics over the entire transmission range very effectively avoid unwanted background noises, which is particularly noticeable to the users of in-ear monitoring systems for irritation in the monitor mix. The result is sound transmission in studio quality.

Roland Octa-Capture

EIGHT PREMIUM MIC PREAMPS, COMPACT I/O, PRISTINE SOUND QUALITY Combining ten inputs, ten outputs, and eight VS PREAMPS with transparent 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, the Roland OCTA-CAPTURE sets a new standard for portable USB 2.0 audio interfaces. High-level audio production comes easy with this fusion of premium components, Roland-quality engineering, and proprietary preamp and streaming technology. OCTA-CAPTURE is the perfect interface for multi-channel computer-based production.

Sennheiser Momentum

High-resolution and deep-reaching. The new generation of MOMENTUM headphones carves out every aural nuance in even finer detail. Thanks to proprietary 18-Ω Neodym transducers. With large diaphragms that make the trademark MOMENTUM sound an even more brilliant experience. Clear, richly detailed, and with a powerful bass.



 sE Portable Vocal Booth

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is the original and best portable acoustic screen. It is a patented device and the only one of its type that has a multi layer design designed to completely reduce room ambience when recording.

Price List

                                                                                           Half Day  (4 hour session)                           Full Day (8 hour Session)

                              Monday                             £150                                           £250  

                             Tuesday                                         £150                                           £250  

                             Wednesday                            £150                                           £250  

                             Thursday                                      £150                                           £250  

                             Friday                                                 £150                                           £250  

                             Saturday                            £250                                           £350  

                             Sunday                                          £250                                           £350  

All recording sessions come with high quality final mixes on CD/USB and all original stem files for future use (e.g.new mixes and mastering).